Zero 7


Ransom Note editor Wil has just leant me his copy of Energy Flash, Simon Reynolds definitive love letter to rave music. So far Ive learnt two things from it 1) Im a dodgy writer, Simon Reynolds isnt 2) I really want to get right on one. As a result there couldnt be a better time to enjoy Craigs 9 minutes of hypnotic druggy motor city techno. Its all deep chords, thudding 909s and a bassline that builds from a lurking shadow to a gnarling jabberwocky in a way that can only be described as rushy. The vocals have a flat English cadence somewhere between The Beta Band and Bernard Sumner, lending the track a counterpoint of melancholy amongst the upwards swirling special effects and distant strings. Its dance music pure and simple, and all the better for it.

sorry no links to listen to this yet… you’ll have to take my word that it’s good for another week or so…
Ian Mcquaid

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