You And Your Hippie Friends To Release Second Compilation


After the success of You And Your Hippie Friends' debut offering last summer, the Pachanga Boys are back with the second 12" VA selection on their adventurous Hippie Dance sub-label, A Very Nice Combinado Volume Dos. 

The compilation comes together with a cross-section of spiritual ambience and tribal dance, forefronted by a dynamic blend of established and lesser-known upcomers. Featuring new music from Paulor, Fantastic Twins, Kasper Bjørke and Mexican duo Zombies In Miami, the labelheads have also provided their remix of Roman Flügel's 2011 'Deo' on the release. 

Distributed by Cologne heavyweight Kompakt, the compilation comes as the first follow on from their Volume Uno 12" in 2015 that inaugarated the label after the Panchanga Boys created a platform to showcase their friends' unknown releases. A Very Nice Combinado Volume Dos is out early January, in the meantime you can buy Volume Uno here.

Listen to the Pachanga Boys play their remix of Roman Flügel's 'Deo' on their Beats In Space radio show here.


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