Yeasayer – Madder Red


Cities of Gold was the bomb eh ? If you havent got a clue what Im on about youre either too young (unforgivable) or youre foreign (forgivable) or you're the product of a viciously strict upbringing that denied you all access to TV, radio and liquorice (unfortunate, but doubtful). Anyway, for the rest of us that fondly remember the cartoon joy of CoG, may I suggest you lend this remix your ear. It pretty much sounds like how I erroneously remember the programs soundtrack going when the massive golden condor finally discovered the Aztec city of gold. Its got the swelling wonder, the jungle chanting and the awe the sheer awe of discovering the magical city (presumably to raid it dry). Its got big peyote keyboards and drums that sound like theyre played with pommelled sticks the size of bearmen. Its a 7 minute epic and its made me a touch giddy.

Ian Mcquaid