Win Vinyl Of Jeremy Newall’s New Comp On Bbe Music


Long-standing house stalwart Jeremy Newall curates the next classic house compilation for BBE Music. 

When you think back to the house scene of the late '80s and early '90s most people would conjur up images of Chicago, Frankie Knuckles, Paradise Garage and questionable haircuts. However representing the UK throughout this time was Jeremy Newall, a major player in bringing the sounds of underground America to British shores through his prominence on pirate radio and Kiss FM, as a resident at Camden's Loft Sessions and most notably as the go-to recommendah at some of the capitals most important record shops at the time. 

It's during this time that Newall got his mitts on an arsenal of rarely heard, never-seen-the-light-of-day forgotten gems handed to him from visiting DJs such as Tony Humphries and Roger S, and which have now conveniently been compiled by the cats at BBE Music. House of Ages selected by Jeremy Newall brings together classic cuts and remastered bangers from the likes of UBQ Project, Jimi Polo and Soul Dhamma, representing all corners of the globe from Chicago, Detroit, NYC and of course the UK. 

House of Ages is now available on vinyl and we have a copy to give away. Simply email us on with "It's this house and it's this age." in title.