Will Saul Interview


Seeing as we're all so tech-savvy over R$N we thought we'd have a go at one of these Twitter interviews… what a bloody nightmare!! Won't be doing that again in a hurry.
Anyway, here's the edited highlights from the gentleman that is Mr Will Saul

@willsaul (this is us directing a message to Will) Interview begins…. now!
@willsaul Hey Will, how's things. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Where are you and what you doing?

@ransomnoted (this is Will replying!) My pleasure. I'm at home looking after my flu ridden baby boy and his baby momma
@WillSaul Sorry to hear that! In pretty much the same boat! I know it sounds an obvious qstion but why Simple? It's far from that.
@ransomnoted 🙁 Simple as a name was supposed to blueprint our intention to just release (what we felt was) good music, whatever the genre.
@WillSaul Sure so there was no particular blueprint that now sets it apart from Aus? I notice Simple has stopped at its 50th rlse
@ransomnoted Not really. I just approached people that I felt were making fresh electronic music at the time – @appleblim & @pearsonsound
@ransomnoted Simple is actually just about to re-launch after a years break with an EP from @djoctober with remixes by Legowelt #RSNview

@WillSaul @djoctober Wicked. I remember your first few releases – I still have the Walkner Hinternaus & Fink releases on vinyl.
@ransomnoted @djoctober wow that seems a long time ago 🙂 Well actually it was a long time ago…ha ha!
@WillSaul @djoctober yeah almost 10 years ago!! So, will the new Simple release be 1151??
@ransomnoted @djoctober 1251 🙂
@WillSaul Right, I can't keep up! Turning 2 yr W/e residency in Berlin. How do crowds differ btwn countries etc? Is Germany more receptive?
@ransomnoted Definitely a few years ago in Berlin but not so much now as Berlin has become such a clubbing w/e destination
@WillSaul 'Bass' music has mutated into many diff forms w/ Aus being at the vanguard of housier/techno end. Was this intentional?
@ransomnoted Simple started 3 years before Aus so at that time no. When I started Aus then I focused Simple more on house & techno.
@WillSaul @appleblim @pearsonsound Sure. It's interesting that it's bubbled through to housier events like @mulletover etc of late.
@ransomnoted Absolutely. When people from a different genre/background approach house with no preconceptions then you get soem fresh results
@WillSaul Sideshow (Fink) produces for both Simple & Aus. Please explain. Is it Fink's schizophrenia?
@ransomnoted I started Aus with Fink so Aus is now his one and only home for his Sideshow alter ego.
@WillSaul Cool. Makes sense now! Cats or Dogs?
@ransomnoted I love both but I think cats if I had to choose…
@WillSaul got to be cats bloody mindedness!
@ransomnoted 🙂 completely
@WillSaul Top 5 Influences on your musical education with youtube links if possible
@ransomnoted Patti Jo 'Make Me Believe In You

@ransomnoted Model 500 'I Wanna Be There M34' (Dave Angel Remix):

@ransomnoted Rhythm & Sound 'King In My Empire'

@ransomnoted Vangelis 'L'Apocalypse D'es Animaux – Le Singe Blue'

@ransomnoted sure: Recloose 'Get There Tonight'

@WillSaul Current Top 5
1. Tyco 'Dive' (Memoryhouse Remix)
2. Chez Damier 'Can You Feel It' (Steve Bug Re-Dub)

3. Midland – Placement (Lone Remix)
4. Martyn 'We Are Your Future' (Redshape Remix)
5. Lapalux – When You're Gone

6. Jacques Greene 'Clark'

@WillSaul You're playing @Idiots_Winning this Friday at the ace ? Bar. Do you like these smaller, sweatier, more intimate gigs?
@ransomnoted @Idiots_Winning yep love em'!! Much more fun.
@willsaul – thanks for taking the time to talk to us. hope the family gets de-flued soon.
@ransomnoted was my pleasure!! 🙂

Will Saul plays the excellent The Idiots Are Winning this Friday.
Feast yer ears on this little beauty to be going on with…