Wideboys & Majestic


OK, its sunny outside, like genuinely summertime sunny. England are bloody terrible at football and George Osbourne is shiteing up poor people like the dutiful millionaire he is and every club in London is on its deathbed but I tell you what I DONT CARE cos the suns shining. In fact I fancy going out raving. Think Ill stick on this cheeky lil devil by the Wideboys to get me in the mood. Yep, its like listening to Wearing My Rolex 2, with a load of austerity baiting lyrics about necking champagne in the VIP and nonsense ghetto house synth hypes and banging four to the floor kicks. If the suns shining where you are too, and youre lyrical expectations are basically set to zero (remember Skepta has previously come out with the stinking couplet Roses are red/ violets are blue/ you know Ive/ got my eyes on you) then Im not afraid to tell you that this tune is a total party banger. Im off to fill an empty bottle of Cava with Sprite. whoop whoop.

Ian Mcquaid