Watch: Derelicht Video #2 Aeolis Mons – Killawatt


To accompany the release of D001, Derelicht wanted to create a Visual EP to showcase tracks by The Soft, ThermalBear and Killawatt.

Liam Roberts directed the video for "Aeolis Mons" and comments on his workflow and thoughts behind the process. "I selected "Aeolis Mons" by Killawatt as it seemed intense and had this un-constrained raw energy to it. For this video I'm exploring the medium of VHS tape, directly manipulating the tape to create raw analogue glitches, moving away from the computer and applying very little in terms of post production. The glitched tape consists of footage shot by myself of countryside wilderness, fused with sampled materiel from the depths of the VHS bin in local charity shops, with the combined aim of creating an intense sense of mystery, confusion and unknown".

You can make your own mind up by watching the video here;