Tresor To Release Compilation Album ‘Dreamy Harbour’


Berlin label Tresor are releasing 'Dreamy Harbour', a 12 track compilation of previously unreleased tracks (with the exception of a couple of re-edits and a reissue).

The compilation comes at a time of celebration for Tresor, with their 25th anniversary having been the focal point of their year so far.

The spirit of Tresor is captured on this 3×12”, featuring Tresor-friendly faces such as Donato Dozzy, Shao, Terrence Dixon, Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald, Mønic, TV Victor, Thomas Fehlmann, Claudia Anderson, Marcelus as well as the legendary Jon Hassell. The release will also see the debut of Daughter Produkt, a new collaborative project between Gerald Donald of Drexciya and two vocalists. 

1. Vainqueur – Solanus (Extracted 2)
2. Shao – Sensi (edit) 
3. Terrence Dixon – The Switch (edit) 
4. Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald – Electric Dub (edit) 
5. Mønic – What Lies Behind Us
6. TV Victor – La Beff (reissue)
7. Thomas Fehlmann – Silverness 
8. Donato Dozzy – The Night Rider 
9. Claudia Anderson – Phase 
10. Jon Hassell – Timeless 
11. Marcelus – Odawah Jam 
12. Daughter Produkt – Direction Asymmetry

Find out more about Tresor HERE

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