These New Puritans


A superb impressionist wash of ethereal ambient and slo mo sizzurp slurping hip hop, this meeting of minds goes to show that pop music hasnt run out of new and exciting mutations just yet. Coming on like a forgotten Badalmenti (he of Twin Peaks fame) composition with all of his achingly nostalgic chords and swooning vocals, Hologram takes a turn mid way through when SALEM introduce their trademark chopped-and-screwed crunk vocal. Rather than sounding like an appalling mash up the juxtaposition of the two makes a whole far greater than the sum of its parts, with a euphoric sense of yearning swelling from a track less than 3 minutes in length. Better still, theyre currently giving away a high quality WAV of it on the These New Puritans website, grab it while you can at –


Ian Mcquaid