The Horrors’ Tom Furse To Release Techno Ep


Fans of The Horrors have long been aware of the crate digging prowess of the band – Now synth player and guitarist Tom Furse is continuing his branch out into solo production with a new EP for Django Django's Kick + Clap label. Having recently recorded the instrumental Child Of A Shooting Star EP for Lo Recordings, Furse is now turning his focus onto early techno, with a 5 track EP that channels the circuit melted electro that sparked out of mid 80s Detroit. 

Titled the Run To Me Suite, Furse has said the following of the new release:

“When I sit down in the studio I’m not always sure where it’s going to go, really I just have that drive to create and I use that to explore sounds that interest me. It’s a release of energy, no agenda, just expression, it’s a release. The driving visual idea behind this EP was very Sci Fi-based, I had this notion of robots being called to arms ("run to me") by a mother robot, in order to collect suns to build a giant engine powered by 20,000 suns. I know it's not really apparent in the songs, but visual ideas like that drive me forward when I’m making music, it just seems to make it easier, like putting sound to film.” 

Listen to a taster below, and pre-order the EP from here