The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Like a good squad of nordic fisherman, R$N trawl through the bulging R$N promo MP3 inbox and bring today’s catches straight to your plate.

The Good
On the Edge into the Darkness feat Clayton Steele (Droog remix)
Save You Records

Nitin’s from Toronto and runs the No. 19 Music label, but let’s not hold that against the lad. The original version of On the Edge into Darkness is marred by the shrill clap/snare that dominates the mix. Fortunately La’s Droog notices this and turns in a much better, more weirded out version which nods to 2 step and Jersey house and fiddles around with the vocal to pull off a nice mix which staggers along handsomely, a bit like someone good looking having done just the right amount of K but veering ever closer to the ‘hole’. 

Good (or swag, as our north American brethren may say)

The Bad
Metske – Slow Train Tape Blues
Wigflex Records

Blues is, according to some people (of which I am one), the backbone to modern popular music. Whether it’s rock music, soul music, dub, techno – you can trace it back to the blues. Of course, things go back before the blues – west African music for starters, but you’d end up saying everything went back to the sound of an amoeba farting if you carried it on to it’s logical conclusion, so let’s not do that. Instead, let’s think about how tacky it is to just shoe horn a blues riff onto a house beat as Metske seems to believe is a good idea on this track. It’s not a good idea, it sounds like Jive Bunny goes Delta Blues, and that’s bordering on sacrilege. 


Ed note: "I'm a bit partial to second track Spin Dates personally but I'd never censor Mr Evans on his opinion."

The Ugly
Eik – 74 – Monokl remix
Planet Noise

Not much to say about this one: Euphoric euro shit that should’ve been put down at birth. I feel cruel even writing about it, but sod it. 
Here’s two things the producer/remixer/whoever is responsible for this abomination needs to get their head around, for starters: 
Groove is important in dance music. The groove in this is so rigid you’d end up slipping a disc if you tried to bob along to it, and not in a good way. Also, nobody wants to hear those godforsaken lady vocals, you’re trying to make house music, not enter the bloody Eurovision song contest. I could go on, but, Oh god, I can’t go on… Sorry


Joe Evans