Bruk Out Vaults #2


Straight From The Bedroom EP

Released by proto jungle label 3rd Party, this is a pretty sort after 12 (only 1000 pressed) with 4 tracks produced, as the title
suggests, in bedroom studios.

Theres some serious gutter attitude on display in all of the tracks- they all come in waaaay faster than most contemporary productions (I think this is 93 vintage..) with darkcore breaks clattering all over the place, hitting in and out of time and splintering crazily.

First track, Plenty Lovin by Teego – produced in a bedroom in Loxwood Rd- is probably the most cohesive in its approach to sampling, with the classic Give A Little Love reggae vocal keeping broadly in tune with the synth washes, arpeggios and hyped up chord stabs. Next up, F.Xs Heartbeat (a bedroom in Manor Park) samples Lisa Lisa flinging the vocal over whatever orrible synth pads they can dig out, totally dischordant, totally chaotic and really, really exciting. On the flip Human Being delivers The Box Opened (from a bedroom in space.) with some great steals from Clive Barkers horror opus Hellraiser and suitably doom laden breakdowns. This track got reworked round 3 years later as the monumental jungle track The Box Reopened which Im going to get round to digitising at some point over the next month. The closing number Stand Up by Same Buzz (a bedroom in Park Lane) is, by the frenetic standards over the EP, a bit mellower. The tempo is still up in the 150 bpm range, but the melodies are a little smoother, thought the squeaky vocals and nutter key stabs are still in evidence.

Heres yer downloads-

Teego – Plenty Lovin

youtube here:

FX – Heartbeat

Human Being – The Box Opened

youtube here:

Same Buzz – Stand Up

youtube here:

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