Special Request next up for DJ-Kicks series


Special Request AKA Paul Woolford is next in line for !K7’s DJ Kicks series, bringing a 25-track strong mix of personal favourites, new school classics and brand new and exclusive edits, dubs and reworks.

Focusing on lush melodies throughout, he delivers a mix that suits all different moods and places, moving from cosmic boogie and scuffed up New York disco by artists like Harvey Sutherland and Morgan Geist, to pixelated pads and crisp electro drums before hitting you with old school jungle, raved up breaks and blistering techno courtesy of tracks from Psyance, Galaxian and Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse.

There’s also tons of exclusives including Special Request’s own reworks of Mike Paradinas’ Mu-Ziq, two versions of FC Kahuna’s “Hayling” and a handful of Special Request tracks including Tim Reaper’s rework of “Pull Up” on Hooversound, before ending with “Petrichor”, a collaboration with Sheffield’s 96 Back.

Speaking about the release, Special Request said, “For this volume, I wanted to focus on lush melodics. I kept that as a constant thread throughout, choosing only records I cherish. It’s important to me that this mix is playable in multiple contexts: it’s not a “current snapshot” by any means, more of a chronicle of some of my all-time favourites. It comes handmade with love to you all.“

Leeds-based Paul Woolford has built a reputation for being able to put his hand to everything from hard-hitting club tunes and peak time piano anthems to ambient cinematics and chart climbing crossover hits. Under his Special Request moniker he’s released a slew of music for Houndstooth and XL Recordings, as well as outings on Dext Recordings, Hooversound and several self-released EPs.

Ahead of the DJ-Kicks release, !K7 are sharing a Special Request 12″ out February 18th, which features three originals by the British producer: two cuts ‘Vellichor’ and ‘Petrichor’ are included in the mix and ‘Compassion’ is an exclusive track for this EP only.

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