Sonic Cathedral Continue To Save Guitar Music With New Spectres Release


You might have noticed that we love Sonic Cathedral over here on R$N. Maybe it's because half of us are old enought to have loved ear bleeding shoegaze the first time round, and maybe it's because they continually put out guitar music that comes at you in a rush and roar of complete sensory overload. Probably a bit of both tbh. Where Flies Sleep, the new single from Spectres, is another excellent release from the label- and how could we not love a video that was described to us as thus:

'The clip… features the band being tormented by a gang of kids who are seen DJing in a club, working behind a bar, dragging dead bodies and eating a rat out of the bins at Asda."

Sweet! Watch the video below, catch Spectres playing at one of the tour dates listed beneath the video, and head over to Sonic Cathedral to buy the record (before they sell out and start shifting for £50 a pop on Discogs. See: the majority of the SC back catalogue.)


Spectres on tour:
February 21 – Totnes – The Drift Record Shop
February 21 – Barnstaple – Golden Lion Tap
February 25 – Sunderland – Pop Recs Ltd
February 25 – Gateshead – The Central
February 26 – Leeds – Wharf Chambers
February 27 – Nottingham – Chameleon Arts Cafe
February 28 – Manchester – Gullivers
March 4 – London – The Lexington
March 5 – Brighton – Sticky Mike's Frog Bar 
March 6 – Leicester – The Soundhouse
March 7 – Bristol – Secret Location