Sonar+D Announces Schedule For Global Tech Gathering


Sónar+D 2016, the 4th International Congress for Digital Culture and Creative Technologies will be held in Barcelona on 16, 17 and 18 June and takes place within Sónar by Day.

Sónar+D 2016 offers a programme of 150 activities, with partnerships in science and education to bring focus to technological, social and creative innovation. Three areas will be set up accordingly to host the program; the Congress (speakers, seminars and networking); the Expo Area (interactive showcases, new tech prototypes) and Live Performance (installations and VR experiences). Issues addressed include the use of data as creative material, culture and activism. Virtual reality is also a key focal point, with demonstrations of prototypes, experiences and wearable’s taking place.

Over 165 Speakers and experts including Brian Eno, Kode 9, Jean-michel Jarre and Carsten Nicolai will discuss, demonstrate and perform. Spotify and the BBC join forces to discuss data algorithms and it’s tastemaking effect. We Are Europe focus this year on cultural entrepreneurship, hosting a series of events on decentralization, encouraging artists and users alike to regain control on the internet.

More information can be found HERE.

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