Society’s 5 for Farr


Continuing our ‘5 for Farr’ series, this time round are the  Society Residents Ciaran O’Shea, Josh Caffe and Kieran Delaney giving us some aural wonders from Connie Case, Derrick Carter and Levon Vincent

Kieran Delaney:

Chaka Khan – Clouds (Blackjoy Edit)

As I’ll be playing early I think I’ll start off easing people in with some disco sounds, and this one is always in my box. There was no rain last year, and there won’t be any rain this year, so this is the closest you’ll get to hearing any thunder. Until, erm, the Thunder DJs play. Ahem.

John Rocca – Move

A lovely slice of vocal house from Freeez’s John Rocca – guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. OK it’s not exactly underground, but who cares, it’s summer and we’re dancing in a forest

Palms Trax – Equation

A forthcoming release from a stupidly talented 21 year old who is also a great DJ. We had him play at our night at Dalston Superstore and he brought the house down – when I heard him play this track and he said it was by him I was blown away – he’s too young to be this talented. This track is quite reminiscent of classic Burrell Brothers but in a brilliant way, and it’ll sound great in the sunshine.

Jus Ed – I’m Comin’ (Levon Vincent remix)

I heard this one played by Dan Beaumont and fell in love with it instantly. Builds slowly with some strange vocal effects until finally dropping into an amazing uplifting piano. Phwoar.

Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

As cheesy as it sounds, last year’s Farr Festival was ALL about the sun coming back up after a night of partying. We had a Balearic set for the sun setting and when the sun rose again at 5am it was a pretty special moment. If I was playing the sunrise set this would definitely get dropped – a blissed out tune from Roy Ayers.

Ciaran O’Shea:

Roy Ayers – Chicago

What better way to open a set? This has been a firm favourite when we start our monthly proceedings at the Superstore and while not on a house tip I couldn’t think of a more fitting intro to a day (and night!) of fun in the woods.

Connie Case – Get Down

Another early sound here from 1982, originally released on Konduko Records. This is a track I first heard years ago on a Disco Not Disco compilation. A post-disco / proto-house sleaze of a rhythm with an awesome bassline and great vocal that leads me nicely into the next track…

The Coach House Rhythm Section – Time Warp

Earlier still! Released on Ice records in 1977 and produced by Eddie Grant, a track that was way ahead of its time. Simple, minimal, yet entirely distinct with it’s falsetto melody ‘Time Warp’ was huge at Mancusos Loft, Paradise Garage and I’m sure soundtracked a whole host of late night happenings across the globe. House before house.

Dream 2 Science – My Love Turns To Liquid

Originally recorded in 1990 by New Yorker Ben Cenac (of Newcleus fame) and a stand out for me on the Dream 2 Science re-release on Rush Hour. Beautiful house sounds, deep, smooth, delicate, a lost gem that has been a fixture on my turntable since I was first lucky enough to heard it. 

Ace & The Sandman – Body Talk

And finally a classic, Society staple and a beautiful piece of 303 from 1992. A Society party would not be complete without hearing this. Let the music play, let your body talk.


Josh Caffe is a man of few words and would rather let his records do the talking”

Matthew Styles – Hot

Sante & Frank Lorber – The Warning

The Cucarachas – Sheez, Bang Bang

Derrick L.Carter – A Hope (Over You) (Meeting House Dub Edit)

The Moonwalkers & Ultra Nate – 10,000 Screaming Faggots (Armand’s Banji mix)