Smagghe & Cross Album ‘Ma’ Announced


Ivan Smagghe and Rupert Cross have a new album forthcoming, on the back of remixes for the Junto Club and Mugwump. 'MA' is due soon on Offen Music, the Düsseldorf based label with less than a handful of releases from artists such as Rex Ilusivii. The R$N guest editor and his musical partner seem to have utilised found sounds, experimentally orchestrating them into noir-ish sonic atmospheres, manically beguiling loops and 'Apocalypse Now' piano interludes. MBV intensity is juxtaposed with dusty withdrawing room vibes. 'Cock Of The North' adds vulgar kitchen sink into the mix with it's narrated druggy tale. Notes on the pre-order link come from Andrew Weatherall: "At times, the way the voice skipped intermittently, the recording sounded like an exercise in Uncle Bill's scissors technique but in my defence the mic I was using was hidden. I knew Jean was recording me, he'd asked for an interview after finding my name in one of his black notebooks, Jean didn't know I was recording him. He was tuning into fading echoes and when he thought the tape machine was off he left an echo of his own."

Smagghe & Cross – MA is coming soon on Offen Music and sound clips and pre-orders can be found HERE. Follow Smagghe & Cross on Facebook.

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