Ive given loads of shitty reviews to grime artists going knees up poprave tosh (and Im going to nail my colours to the mast right now- Tinchy is a FUCKING JOKE) and Skeptas been no exception with the turgid Sunglasses at Night/ Born Slippy covers. So fairs fair, this tunes worth noting cos its aiiight. Hes teamed up with a bird who was on Eastenders (I think, I havent watched it since Evil Steve killed his missus and that other kid went mental and covered his room in tin foil) and together theyre riding a snapping staccato break pummeled along by hench orchestral stabs and nasty black keys strings. Personally I think her from Eastenders gets a bit too much mic time in the track- its good to hear Skeppy comfy on a beat, allowing the dodgy nursery rhymes that have been cropping up in his work recently and spitting bars instead. Maybe give this number a remix with all of Boy Better Know chatting on it and you could get a hard grime/ hip hop hit. Having said that, whadda I know, the kids want Tinchy, the kids buy Tinchy. Sheesh.

Ian Mcquaid