Sherwood & Pinch To Release Second Album ‘Man Vs. Sofa’


Perhaps one of the biggest collaboration duos in UK bass are back with another album next Feburary – 'Man vs. Sofa' – featuring 11 new tracks from Sherwood & Pinch. 

The album comes as a joint release on both artists' much-loved labels, 81' established icon On-U Sound and Pinch's ground-breaking Bristol imprint Tectonic. Providing short examples of both producer's minds merging together, the album is a more thought-out, intricate project than their previous works: built for heavy-soundsystems and powerful headphone listening that's derived and combined from both Sherwood & Pinch's production roots.

The iconic duo first met at Fabric, and they've now been working together for over 5 years. To show their support to Fabric, they recently donated a track from their forthcoming 'Man vs. Sofa' album to the savefabric compilation, 'Retribution' can be streamed here.

Sherwood & Pinch's 'Man vs. Sofa' is out on the 24th Febuarary 2017, and is available to pre-order here


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