Sea Pinks – Oh London


Its fitting, then, while Im trying to dig the grit of the past out of my ears that Belfasts Sea Pinks emerge from their garage, and make noise at me like one of those other non-video sporting bands on the indie chart. The odd ones, the ones that sounded like they hadnt thought their songs through at all, like they just wrote them and put them onto a cassette the same day. Their sound is, on last years Youth is Wasted, rushing and blurred, not angry but urgent, with no notes in their guitars, and the words dispersing into the tin-pot din. Evidently, theyve forgotten to move the microphone into the room theyre playing in. The songs flash by, caught up in their own momentum, all in the mid-range, reveling in their lack of relevance. No video. 

The only change the new album Dead Seas seems to make is to move the mic a few feet closer, so that words are occasionally discernable. On that note, please enjoy Oh London, where the lyrical content is as amusingly bitter as you would have hoped for. 

So what can we learn from this? That the past, like a leaky pipe, is always dripping in the kitchen? Yeah, alright. Rewind. 

Graham White Noise

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