As MJ would have said, This Is It. The biggest instrumental to take on grime, like ever, has finally got released. The race is on the find the last remaining MC in the UK who still hasnt spat over Woooos high tension low end boom there are 45 different vocal cuts on the official mix tape alone… Too many ? well, yeah, but it is a heavy, heavy riddim, as much indebt to crunk as grime with its half time pace, bone dry snares and climatic speaker kaning bass kick. So far everyone from (relatively) old boys Jammer and D Double right through to new bloods such as Blacks and Trilla have stepped up to compete with the simple haunted paranoia of S-Xs breakthrough track, and this rush to voice Woooo shows no sign of slowing momentum. Like many of the new wave of grime artists, S-X is based in the midlands, and at this rate it seems that the genre, sometimes dismissed as an east London regional phenomenon, is increasingly finding fresh directions outside the capital.