Rihanna Ti Amo


You see the thing about Terminators is that they dont actually want stuff. They hate stuff. The only thing theyre really into is kicking off, and Id say they probably love doing that so much that after all the humans are wiped out they just keep on fighting each other on and on and on until theres only one haggard lonely metallic campaigner left. Then whats he gonna do eh ? I tell you what, hell keep building his brain bigger and bigger with ever larger chunks of memory, googlyterrabytes of the stuff, until finally time itself will become an irrelevance as every action is as instantly recalled and vital as any other action. And from this position of celestial omnipotence the final terminator creature will, and Im guessing here to be fair, start creating tiny worlds to amuse himself. And inside those tiny worlds hell create tiny versions of himself which will fight and fuck and praise him and deny him and eventually these creatures, these facsimiles, will try to recreate themselves as their metallic God created them. Naturally in doing so they will inadvertently create a monstrous race that will rise up and destroy them and the enormous cannibalistic cycle of Creation and Destruction will be continue evermore. And if I can sling in a quote here from ancient Greek, Heraclitus, “the path up and down is one and the same,”

Ian Mcquaid

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