P Money vs Doctor P


Dividing dubstep fans sharply down the middle, here comes P Money thundering over the hill pon the whinnying, bucking back of Doctor Ps somewhat long in the tooth bass monster. Yes, Sweetshop came out a fair old while back, but yes also I know enough DJs still playing it, and rewinding it… I dont know where its written that a tune being more than 6 months old makes it shat- I think the internet detractors claiming that P Money has come too late to this beat should put down the twitter, pick up a fine novel and make a concerted attempt to develop something akin to an attention span. Of course some people hate on this cos they simply dont like MCs, or they dont like P Money, which is kinda fair play really. I, on the other, love MCs, and think that P Money is a don, and that here hes vocalled a track I thought unvocal-able and it is HEAVY.

Ian Mcquaid

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