Other People Announce Debut Album From A Pleasure


"A pleasure to meet you, what's your name again?" "A Pleasure." "Yes, absolutely, I didn't catch your name though?" "A Pleasure." "Riiiiight."

Confusion out of the way, we've established that A Pleasure is the musical project of Mark Hurst. Having released his 'Extended Play' EP on Other People last year, he's now following up with the 'Jream House' LP.

The seed for 'Jream House' was the idea of creating rhythm through mathematical composition. Using a process of numerical transposition, Hurst converted the names of his favourite musicians into drum patterns. Having started with this rigid method, he then switched up completely and threw himself headlong into chaotic improvisation. Remarkably, the results are far more enjoyable and less self-consciously 'experimental' than you might imagine.

Listen to the dream sequence bullet-train ride of 'Slow Channel', and check the full tracklist below:

01 Durutti Gottsching
02 Arthur Russel
03 The Order of Things
04 Grace 
05 Idoru
06 Slow Channel
07 Am Me Evol Eye

'Jream House' is out 22 Jan on Other People.