Orlando Voorn’s cult IDM album ‘Roomservice’ to be reissued


The album which was first released under the guise of his Living Room moniker is set to be re-released by Musique Pour La Danse. The album was first released via his own Night Vision record label back in 1994 and showcases a side to Orlando Voorn’s musical persona less explored as he channels elements of downtempo, IDM and electronica across twelve tracks.

The album was built with the listening experience in mind and is somewhat removed from the Dutch producers traditional offering of hard hitting techno and electronics built for the clubs. The label have described the release as follows:

“Praised unequivocally by those lucky enough to have heard it, this criminally underrated record nonetheless deserves pride of place when talking about forward-thinking electronic music from the early 90s 

While it is widely acknowledged that Orlando Voorn’s productions are one of the most fascinating prisms through which to experience a European take on the Detroit sound, Roomservice is also a strong reminder that the paradigm shift from sweaty raves to enhanced home listening, championed by Warp’s Artificial Intelligence series, early Rephlex releases, along with projects such as The Black Dog, Plaid or Autechre was in fact not only limited to British artists.”

The release will be made available as a 2xLP with three additional bonus tracks. 

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