Orlando Voorn To Be Remixed By Juan Atkins, Rod And More


Italian based Out Electronics are to offer their first remix EP, with Orlando Voorn's production Gain Upwards pulling 4 heavyweight reworks from Juan Atkins, dutch heavyweight ROD, Ostgut-Ton magician Efdemin and Inkblots and Raw Waxes label owner Haiku. We've just finished listening to the Atkins mix, and it's got to be said, that hearing Atkins on peaktime form is a treat – there's no messing about, with Juan jumping straight out of the tracks with multi layered bleeping techno, both lush and abrasive. ROD's contribution also scores big with crispy production crafted from sharp hits and dry, driving drums.

Check out the original of Gain Upwards, released on the Black Diamond EP last year, below. The Gain Upwards remix EP comes out on June 22nd.