Oneohtrix Point Never shares new collaboration with Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 15.08.05

Oneohtrix Point Never has announced a special expanded Blu-ray edition of his album ‘Magic Oneohtrix Point Never’, with a visual and track collaboration with Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins.

Released on 29th October, a year on from the original LP release, the new edition marks OPN’s first official exploration into immersive audio outside of his film scores, and comes with Dolby Atmos® spatial audio mixes.

On top of the original tracklisting, the Blu-ray features four bonus songs including an alternate take of ‘Lost But Never Alone’ alongside PC Music head AG Cook; and two collaborations with two unique voices in experimental pop, a rework of ‘Nothing’s Special’ with ROSALÍA and ‘Tales From The Trash Stratum’ with Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins.


The package also includes sixteen music videos, representing a career spanning anthology of OPN audio-visual works to date. They are directed by the likes of Josh & Benny Safdie, Takeshi Murata and Nate Boyce and star Robert Patinson, Val Kilmer and Iggy Pop.

Watch the video for ‘Tales From The Trash Stratum’ below.

Pre-order the Blu Ray edition HERE.