Nick Klein and Wilted Woman return to London-based label Alien Jams


Nick Klein and Wilted Woman are set to release their second EP, titled Cafe Music 2 : Werewolves Of London, for London-based label Alien Jams. 

A follow up to last year’s Café Kotti release on the label, run by DJ and NTS Radio resident Chloe Frieda, the live electronics duo’s sophomore release is a recording of a freeform performance that took place London’s Café Oto in September 2019 during an Alien Jams night. 

Steering away from genre categorisation the pair manipulate their jam sessions, altering samples from various sources alongside modular synths patterns, culminating in fluid meditative drones, beatless rhythmic explorations and unsettling melodies. 

Operating out of The Hague (Nick Klein) and Berlin (Wilted Woman), the pair have had to develop their own successful methods of communication and remote working, which in turn has allowed them to perform live without imposing rigid structures onto the project. 

Buy Cafe Music 2 : Werewolves Of London. Follow Alien Jams. Artwork created by Sarah Badr.