New Droning, Dream Pop Majesty From Slows Down


Alexander Hawthorne has taken us by surprise. Recording under the name Slows Down, Hawthorne contacted us out of the blue asking us to listen to his music – his music turned out to be an incredible 7 minute psychedelic prairie song, stately in it's progress, and cinematic in it's scope. Titled The Way Down Leering, the track is culled from his forthcoming, self-released debut 12". Apparently a man who likes to do everything himself, Hawthorne plays all the instruments on the track; no mean feat when it's sprawling, orchestral nature is taken into account. Rarer still, he actually sounds like the bands he names as influences, citing the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mercury Rev, Spiritualized, Ennio Morricone, Swans, and Dick Dale – Ennio Morricone's touch is particularly referenced with his dramatic, Spaghetti Western aesthetic.

The EP will be released on February 11th, followed by an album and live shows later in the year –  we've got a strong feeling you should be paying attention to Slows Down, and that now is the time to start…