Music Musings 9/9


Dislike to digital continues. Hate the new itunes logo… can’t ever find it on my desktop now!

Already mentioned elsewhere on here but check the four tet mix on FACT. Check that first track… super-fly!

Tensnake RA podcast from the start of the year has been brightening up my week… didn’t actually check it when it was posted tho I have a sneaky suspicion mr macri has been feeding it into my ears down at 359 for the past 6 months! Ta mr roberts.

John & Julie via joe clayness. super good.

Den haan – release the beast
can remember where i found this the other day… but it’s an ace release on optimo from last year.

Chik budo remix of free blood via god knows where but it’s nice to revisit this – amazing remix.

Nice new munk stuff

Right, looking at the weather I think I’m going to sack off bestival this weekend and spend all that money i would’ve done drinking my myself out of trenchfoot on a load of new vinyl wonderment.



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