Music musings 8/4


Heidi @ mulletover… Carl Craig mix of Hot Chip – massive!

Have you heard the Bonnie Prince Billy mix of Hot Chip’s most recent single? really good. download it free from RCRDLBL

Rediscovered this somewhere along the line from last week’s post – daft punk mix of micronauts – proper acid techno almost…ended up following this through all daft punk’s old remixes – that ian pooley mix they did is really good too

On the subject of daft punk, louis just sent me this umm… interesting piano cover of Around The World. While we’re on piano covers – check out Windowlicker and Justice’s D.A.N.C.E – sorry going a little far with that last one. Thanks again Louis!

In my sombre mood this week, Joe’s posting of Arthur Russell’s This Is How We Walk On The Moon has garnered about 6000 plays… for moments of calm this slice of sublime beauty. A perfect record for me. I don’t own the album this is on… spent the past couple of days trying to track it down. how interesting I hear you cry!

What else, what else? Rob’s favourite record from the last 6 years of mulletover in the form of Serge Santiago’s Atto D’Amore

Anything else in this random article of randomness?? Ah yes, The Impressions – People Get Ready off The Corner series…

Jolly good then, I need to go sleep now…

Good weekend all…