MJ Cole


Did you know that MJ Coles surprisingly hench? Hes got a massive chest and big grasping hands, like a smiley 2 step ogre. Hed be terrifying if he hadnt dedicated his life to the cause of churning out garage smashes. His new EP just confirms this- its pounding and dirty and a lot harder than youd expect, and to be honest I cant make up my mind if back in the day this would have just been called techno. As it is, its gonna be embraced by a wide cross section of DJs because it sounds bleedin amazing. Volcanos got jumping, driving, skittering strings, orchestral hits and a bank of grimey bleeps that wouldnt be out of place on an Alter Ego track. Thekla is a crazed bastard perculator number with Funkys agitated drum patterns jacked into mutating pointy synth attacks and precise warheads of bass kick. This is pure dance floor DJ music, and one for your record box

Ian Mcquaid

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