Mike Paradinas To Release ‘Lost Album’, Challenge Me Foolish, On Planet Mu


Mike Paradinas has announced the release of a 'lost' LP, Challenge Me Foolish, on his own Planet Mu; his first as μ-Ziq since 2016's Aberystwyth Marine. Recorded around 1998-99, the same era that saw Paradinas tour with Björk and release Royal Astronomy, it highlights his obsession with melody at a time when many of his IDM contemporaries championed complexity over all else.

Hosting a number of tracks featuring Japanese vocalist Kazumi, Challenge Me Foolish lands on April 13th. View the full tracklist below.

01. Inclement
02. Undone
03. Challenge Me Foolish (ft. Kazumi)
04. Bassbins
05. Robin Hood Gate
06. Perhaps
07. Durian (ft. Kazumi)
08. Ceiling
09. Lexicon (ft. Kazumi)
10. Perfame
11. Playbox
12. Sad Inlay (ft. Kazumi)
13. Peek Freans
14. DoDaDu (ft. Kazumi)

Stream opening tack 'Inclement' HERE

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