Matt Johnson Features In New Documentary ‘The Inertia Variations’


Cult figure Matt Johnsson (singer, songwriter and the only continuous member in The The) features in a new documentary to be premiered this week in Sweden. Inspired by the poem by John Tottenham, 'The Inertia Variations' is directed by Johanna St Michaels and deals with performance anxiety and fear of both success and failure. Matt has lived a quiet life for years and "spends much time doing nothing". Apart from creating art installations, film music and running an old property in East London, he lives away from celebrity and dedicates hours to "philosophising from his couch". His live radio show 'Radio Cineola' brings in musicians who interpret his songs and talk politics with people who share his views, a 12 hour shortwave radio broadcast. A former partner and close friend, St Michaels is completely immune to his cult status and questions his fear of awakening his own creativity. 

Screenings are on February 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Goteborg International Film Festival and ticket can be found HERE.

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