Mark Ronson


Lest we forget, before Mark Ronson decided to become a big band abomination he manned the decks on some decent hip hop tracks. I mean this was back in 1860. So lets pretend that the last few years havent happened, and you dont know that hes a suited twat, and yknow, listen without prejudice. Honestly this is painful, literally painful for me to write, but I think Bang Bang Bang is a pretty good hip pop song. Its really upbeat and bouncy, and theres Q Tip rapping in his unmistakable nasal flow, and, look, theres an annoying catchy chorus sung by a punky chipmunk child thats reminiscent of my favourite 80s new wave pop stuff like the Bangles and the whole thing all in all works. I got a bit worried writing this review so I called the wife in to ask her what she thinks, and she agreed. So thats both of us saying; this is alright. Give it a chance.

Ian Mcquaid