Maribou State Interview & Exclusive Download


Ahead of their appearance at TROUPE this weekend at XOYO we caught up with Liam from Maribou state for a few thoughts on a few things.

We've also got an exclusive download from the lads below n' all. 

Where are you and what you doing?

Currently sitting on a train, heading into London to play for Church @ Corsica… Chris is over at Pedestrians house working on our new collaboration E.P.
To the uninitiated amongst R$N readers (of which there should be none0 tell us a bit about both of yourselves and your musical backgrounds.
Two lads from the shire, been making music together for a number of years under different aliases but nothing worth mentioning here! Started playing out in bands together and slowly developed into what Maribou State is today.
Been pretty busy on the remix front of late, haven't we lads? 🙂 I'm not Lana Del Rey's biggest fan but you've done a beautiful job on the track. Download here Got quite a way with vocals haven't you. 3 dream vocalists you'd like to work with.
Ha thanks! Yeah I wasn’t particularly a fan either but working with that remix has swayed me, slightly…
For both of us, Daughter would be at the top. For me personally to work with Karin Andersson would be insane!
Loved your Olivia EP – what's up next on the original productions front?
Thanks guys. We have just signed into a deal with Southern Fried Records so the next couple of E.P’s will be out with them. It’s a label that we have had our eye on since we first started out so were really excited to work with them. Native E.P will be dropping early June to kick things off.
The bassier elements of the electronic scene have been merging and blurring boundaries with the more techier edged side of things. Have you found yourself playing a lot more techno in your sets of late… it's not an easy task to make the two flow together is it?
Boundaries are definitely being merged. We have always just tried to play tracks that we are really feeling, regardless of the genre, tempo or age of the record. The fact that genres are merging makes that a lot easier for us.
I like your tumblr blog… care to talk us through some of the images on there:
Not much to say really. Its just things that I come across throughout my day. I guess eventually I like the idea of being able to look back over a longer period of time and see what we were up to as MS. Kind of like a photographic journal, only problem is I never remember to upload anything I see worth looking at…
When did electronic music first click with you in your musical education?
It came quite early in terms of what we both listened too. I think from a young age we were both quite keen on different styles of dance music and that eventually evolved into looking a bit deeper in electronic music.  
What's been floating your boat of late musically?
Following the remix we did for them I’ve been really into Alpines. Caught them at Heaven a few weeks ago and was completely blown away. And as mentioned above, a band called daughter.
What's the worst question you've been asked in an interview?
Probably this one 🙂
Who you going to be voting for in the London Mayoral elections… 
If I’m completely honest with you, I haven't had a chance to think about it.
Top 5 records of the moment.
Hint – Aliens Feat T Fly
Burial + Fourtet – Nova
Dirg Gerner – Rubies And Diamonds Feat. Fatima
Polica – Lay Your Cards Out
Shlohmo – Rained the whole time (Nicolas Jaar remix)
3 records you wished you'd made.
Daft Punk – Make Love
Mount Kimbie – Carbonated
Bonobo – Kong
Cats or Dogs?
Favourite biscuit.
Chocolate Hobnobs
Strangest place you've woken up after a night out… 
In a train station toilet. Pretty classy.
Favourite place to be quiet.
The library.
Anything I should have asked you but have neglected to raise?
I think that about covers it. Thanks guys

Maribou State play TROUPE this weekend alongside Ashley Wild (Hot Waves), Deadboy (Numbers) and others… 
Full details 

Check the exclusive download of their remix of Lana Del Ray below…