+Mango Diary #7+


+++ 7 +++

Name: Irwin
Origin: Taiwan
Size: 10 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm
Weight: 332g

A striking bright red: sun burned blood in a Rajisthani turban. They
are on the small side of medium, but good value, if a little
commercial in nature.

The skin smelled of refreshing green apple, inside it was sweeter, but
still reserved, and a contrast to its appearance. There was a huge
amount of juice, it dripped from the knife, so much in fact that as it
was cut you could see the colour inside changing as the juice flowed
from one part to another. The fruit was soft, and there was some fibre
near the stone, but not much. The combination meant that it was easy
to peel with very little wastage.

However, the flavor was not very strong, or interesting. It was good,
and easy to eat, but it had no real character. Perhaps it is farmed
mainly for its amazing colour, and the ease with which it can be
grown, kept and eaten?

The stone was 32g, and the skin took the total of 80g, so the overall
fruit ratio was an excellent 76:24.L. Shepherd