Ludus Pinsky


So this has been signed up by Alexander Robotnik. Does anyone know if Sonic the Hedgehogs dastardly nemesis Dr Robotnik is named after Alexander Robotnik ? Can anyone tell me that ? And while Im asking music trivia questions, can anyone tell me what on Earth M.O.P. stands for ?, you know M.O.P. the hardcore thug rap outfit, what do the initials stand for ?? I mean without using google or anything ? Do you remember people used to just know stuff ? Like, if you asked a room full of people what does M.O.P. stand for?, and one of them would say oh yeah, thats Musty Oil Prick or whatever, and youd know that that person was an expert, you could look up to them, beg mixtapes off them and bathe, nay, luxuriate in the font of their knowledge. Now all it takes is a smug idiot with a phone that costs a tenner a month and a Wikipedia app and all questions about anything ever can be answered without anyone having to retain even the slightest grain of fact in their increasingly tiny brains. The playing fields being levelled alright, but levelling doesnt fucking elevate anything does it hmmm ?

And this rant has got fuck all whatsoever with T Mobile turning down my application for a smartphone today. for good music.

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