Listen: Fatima Al Qadiri Streams Track From New Lp


Battery is the opening missive from Brute, Fatima al-Qadiri's forthcoming sophomore album. Battery is a menacing stealth attack of minor keys and minimal percussion, apparently Brute is set to offer a lot more of the same – it's come with one of the most hardline press releases we've seen in some time;

Musically, Brute teeters between rage and despair…  Reflecting on the carceral state (Oubliette), the militarization of police (Endzone, Curfew), the fragile boundaries between defense and the deadly use of force (Battery, 10-34), and the relentless violation of the dignity of protesters and activists (Breach, Blows, Fragmentation), the record is a sombre tribute to lost life and agency.


Brute is the Future Brown producer's second album for Hyperdub. It's set to drop on CD / LP / Digital on March 4th. More info over on Hyperdub.