Listen: Ess O Ess – Cantillate (Suzanne Kraft Remix)


Following up that ineffable Man Power release of only a couple of months, the Bad Passion Project lads are already pedalling their sterling wares for the second installment of their Not An Animal label.

This time Ess O Ess is the name stamped on the work. Cantillate is a delicate blending of tribal polyrhythms and glowing synth sequences, which thrum alongside the vocal refrain. It's a throbbing, nodding powercell, surging forwards cheekily, decided powerchords and longing, fretboard pitchbending.

The remixes are equally brilliant. Rearranging the original whilst keeping the stems fairly true, it's remarkable how vastly different each sounds by shifting the track's phrases and prominence of certain elements. Certainly weight has been added but they all feed into and out of each other. Beauty.

My pick:

It's out on 16th November, preorders are available from juno now.