Liars Release ‘Pro Anti Anti’ Video – Watch


Liars have released the video for forthcoming single 'Pro Anti Anti'. Would you be surprised if we told you it was strange?

It's strange.

Shot with the aid of director Yoohna Park, the short film shows bandmates Angus Andrew and Aaron Hemphill getting their faces electronically scanned, before these scans are cast as wax scupltures, painted (badly), then left to slowly melt under studio lights.

“It’s the idea of not taking anything too seriously or at face value,” says Andrew. “Maybe what becomes interesting about technological possibilities is what happens if you mess it up. The same applies to the way we made music with computers for the record: we did exactly the opposite of what the manual told us to do, because that’s when the really interesting stuff happens.” So there you go. Watch below, and buy the single through Mute Records on June 30th.


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