Legowelt’s Ambient Project Occult Orientated Crime Lp Coming In May


The prolific Danny Wolfers AKA Legowelt will be releasing 'Just A Clown On Crack' under his Occult Orientated Crime moniker, the first time he has released on vinyl. Wolfers says of the release: ‘‘The OOC sound is an accumulation of twenty years of musical training and research and what effect it has on the brain. Simply put: it’s electronic ambient music, which is more advanced compared to the music I’m creating with my Smackos alias. OOC is deeper and more melodic, less loose and vague but perhaps more intense. It can bring the listener into a completely different state of mind, you can almost call it ritualistic neuroscience music.’’ With the release comes a sinister music video, created by Studio Crème and Bas van der Poel. The gloomy film is composed of live game footage captured inside various train simulators and shows hypnotic artificial landscapes combined with bold Japanese-inspired graphics.

Occult Orientated Crime – Just Another Clown On Crack is released by Dekmantel on 11th May 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.