Lazare Hoche Records Announce Solid Compilation


There's a tone ingrained in French house music that is absolutely and instantly recognisable. Laid back, airy synth swathes waft over shuffling grooves. Decent, textured deep house, a little on the pop side and not necessarily boundary breaking but don't get hung up on that. Have a glass of beaujolais and drift down the Riviera into the sunset.

Lazare Hoche Records is the imprint started by Lazare Hoche himself (aka Charlie Naffah) back in 2011. Their 'I Don't Sync So' parts 1 & 2 caught the attention of Point G and Luke Solomun, and on this new compilation they both feature alongside a Roy Davis Jr & DJ Skull remix. Solid hitters in deep house circles. It's unoffensive, groove-laden tech-house, comfortable listening with enough subtleties and layers to keep you interested. Might not destroy dancefloors any time soon but will keep the vibe bubbling at a barbeque. Or on a boat drifting down the Riviera.

Access is slated for release on 30th November, in the meantime check out more Lazare Hoche here.