This kicks off with what sounds suspiciously like the Easy Jet to Napa soaring aloft, then has a bunch of airhorns, some pissed off (up?) killerbees providing the requisite aggy synths, a load of stabby snares and cowbells and some orrid bass drops. Bonus, it sounds fucking great, like a fresh piece of funky grime should. I’d always confused KMD with K.I.G (of Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes fame/ notoriety) which pretty much shows me up for the absent minded duffer Im increasingly becoming. Thankfully they’re completely different. I’m not allowed to link to this here, but. um. I’ve got a blog somewhere with the download on, and it’s well worth checking out. Here’s a video of the Maxwell D vocal cut- it’s alright, but I dunno if it’s the definitive vocal just yet…

Ian Mcquaid