Kemet And 3rd Party Records Release Classic Back Catalogue On Digital


Kemet & 3rd Party Records – the hardcore and jungle labels that released countless rave classics, including Screwface, Futuroid, The Box Re-Opens and Champion of Champions  – have re-opened for business. For a bit of background on Kemet you can read our appreciation of them over here. The short version is this: there isn't a single duff tune on either label. Just listen to Breakage #4 (commonly known as I Bring You The Future) – it still sounds like it's from tomorrow…


For the last decade both Kemet and 3rd Party have remained largely unavailable, with 12"s going for silly money on Discogs, and no digital files officially available at all. Now Kemet boss Mark Ranger (formerly Mark X) and 3rd Party owner James Stephens (aka Noise Factory/ Family of Intelligence/ Human Being/Drumpella Black) have remastered both labels back catalogue and put them up for sale on their new website They've also started releasing new music, pursuing a slower, dubby take on jungle they've christened Jungle Dub. Kemet were always notable for the spiritual bent of their jungle, and it's in keeping with this that Mark Ranger has been turning his hand to writing; the site is also selling a couple of books of Ranger's philosophy on creating a world without money or religion. Until January they're offering two 16 track retrospective compilations for £7.50 – we'd suggest you head over and grab a some iconic UK art quick as you can..