Most of our readers are no doubt aware of the ongoing battle between BBE and Harmless to become the reigning champ of essential rare disco re-issues. This one-upmanship cuts both ways – it heightens the unfortunate likelihood that you'll be hearing that ultra-rare salsoul 12 inch you paid 100 quid for on ebay when you next visit to Pret but maybe that's a fair price to pay when one looks at the staggeringly good tunes they're bringing back into the spotlight.

Exhibit A: Jimmy Sabater's relentless disco-latin-funk extravanganza "To Be With You" as rediscovered and re-edited by Glaswegian disco supremo Al Kent for BBE. This tune has it all – relentless pace, a wall of bongos, funk guitar right out of Shaft and sick keyboard lines. That's without mentioning the panicky strings, jazzy sax breaks and a blissed out chorus that is one hell of a pay-off. Dope.

Jimmy Sabater – To Be With You


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