Jacques Greene ‘The Look’ EP


I've come late to this release- it cropped up on the trailblazing Scots label Lucky Me near the end of last year, so apologies to anyone who's already on this belter. I hate the tag future garage, but, well, for the sake of brevity it's going to have to do to describe the bumping sweetness contained in the four tracks on show.

Greene's a young Canadian, this is his debut EP, and on the strength of these tracks he's here to stay. His skill is to take the much abused 90's 2step template created by foundation artists such as Anthill Mob and couple it with the throbbing sunrise chords of Joy Orbison creating a sound that is both future musical and old skool tuff.

The female vocal samples weave and bob along with waist winding basslines, and the experimentation on show never tips tracks off the floor and into chin stroking tedium. Its hard to pick a stand out, all the tunes have the exuberance of a locked on pirate, overall a great introduction to a new artist.