Ransom Note caught up with LA based producer GB aka Gifted and Blessed for a brief interview prior to his first release on Eglo records.

For those people out there who aren't yet familiar with your work, how would you describe your music?

I'd loosely call what I do technoindigenous studies, but rather than describe it, I'd prefer for them to listen and decide for themselves whatever it is to them.

Your forthcoming release on Eglo is coming out under the moniker 'The Abstract Eye'. As well as releasing music as GB, you've also released under the names Julian Abelar, The Reflektor and Frankie Reyes.  How does The Abstract Eye differ to GB?

The Abstract Eye is just another moniker. I don't really know if it does differ a lot from GB. Some say it's a more techno-based sound. For me it's all just for the fun of

variety and versatility, and also so as not to identify too closely with "GB" or any stage name.

You’re known to use a lot of analogue gear in your productions, what is your current studio setup?

Right now I mainly use a rack with several synth modules, a couple of analog drum machines, a full sized electric piano for composing, a few effects units and either a hardware or software sequencing (I use both for different purposes).

The artwork for a lot of your releases is quite psychedelic and I'm aware you are interested in the writings of Carlos Castaneda and Shamanic rituals. Does this interest feed into your creative process?

Yes, the spirit world feeds my creativity as it does everyone else's…spirit giving birth to matter.

Your recent release The Steoples EP, was a collaboration with A Race of Angels. Do you have any more collaborations lined up and who would be your all-time dream collaborator?

Yes, I have a few other collaborations I'm doing. One is a new release I have out called "Location" by Gabe and Dakim, which of course is myself with Dak. Afta-1 and I have also been working on some collaborative pieces over time. I've also been doing some work with a singer named Kelela Mizanekristos as well as some acoustic collaborations with various musician friends. I can't say I have an all-time dream collaborator, but it's fun to think sometimes about what it might have sounded like to have Lili Boulanger, Astor Piazzolla or Billy Strayhorn arrange and expand on something of mine. Or what it might have been like to work with some of the jazz greats from the days of old. The world is full of great musicians and always has been so I really couldn't pick just one.

You're based in LA, where It seems a lot of great music is coming out of at the moment. Do you feel part of an LA 'scene' or movement, or is it more disparate than that?

I'm not sure what is meant by "movement." Yes I've been part of the Los Angeles music community for a long time and I do feel a part of it. But I think it could be a mistake at times to identify too closely with a music scene. All my favorite music historically has been by people who think for themselves and venture out on their own unique path.

Finally, as well as writing and producing music, you also DJ. What kind of stuff do you play out and what track did you close your last set with?

I play whatever I feel, and it all depends on where I am. DJing for me doesn't always entail high energy or being at the bar, but sometimes it does. My record collection consists of a large variety of the spectrum of styles of music from around the world. I couldn't tell you the last song I closed a set with because generally I'm not really thinking about it.

By Joe Evans

GB Presents The Abstract Eye is out March 26 on Eglo Records.

Eglo celebrate their third birthday tonight, March 8, at Fabric. More info and ticket comp