These days it’s not often that you get to gaze through the surrounding haze of street lights into the night’s starry ambience. The closest I get is staring at the glow-in-the-dark plastic stars on my ceiling. Listening to Nocturnes by Brighton producer iambic (Guy Andrews), however, hints at a shimmering shroud that lays beyond.

Opening with an energetic, intricate beat, Nocturnes EP, iambic’s 3rd release on Frisk Records, continues to push his live-ambient-laptop-jazz sound. While there’s nothing groundbreaking here, treading a line between the electronic/acoustic of Bonobo and hypnotic melodies of Portico Quartet, the six-track EP does create a beautiful and arresting soundscape.

Iambic’s talent emerges through his impressive use of considered, intricate drums and a subtly woven fabric of electronic and acoustic textures, who’s harmonics often come together to create an atmosphere that is much more than the the bare elements involved. This gives a seamless depth to the music that, while feeling predictable at points, taking turns just when you knew he would, crafts an engrossing listen that subconsciously engages with the listener while commanding reconcilable attention.

iambic – Keep Your Hold (Bonus Radio Edit)
by iambic

Look out for the Nocturnes EP release 27th Sep 2010 on iambic’s website.

By Joaqu??n Madcap Hawton