Hyperdub announces three part album from Lee Gamble


The longstanding imprint run by Kode 9 is set to release the first in a three part LP from musical innovator and cutting edge experimentalist Lee Gamble. The producer has previously appeared on the label but has had a relatively quiet year having not released any new music in 2018. The triptych album "Flush Real Pharynx" will be accompanied by a brand new A/V show and the first part "In A Paraventral Scale" will be released on the 1st of February next year.

The release and new AV show are described as follows: 

"In a Paraventral Scale zooms in on the seductive/destructive nature of present-day reality through a symbolic prism inhabited by snakes, vehicles and mirages. Gamble exposes us to a new type of digital theater, a unique and futuristic filmic world blurring the distinction between non-musical sound, music and dance floor, a push and pull between reality and fictional worlds. All sonics co-exist in an unreal place whose spatial and temporal location is left for us to assemble. Gamble’s new live a/v performance will mimic such attitudes."

A preview video can be seen below: 

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